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With its 1.6 liter VW Beetle engine the cult -trike is a classic.


The injection delivers 50 PS.

For those who loves it custom –made the cult-trike is the choice.


And there are only those two left!


The cult-trike stands out because of its high hump where the seats are attached.

From behind you directly notice all the high gloss polished stainless steel parts.


The heavy weight trike operates with a discbreak unit plus caliper from an Audi, usually they use drumbreaks.

The front wheel has two discs with two caliper each made by Brembo and both breaks, front and rear, where controlled by a break booster.


Because of the massive  frame and the tank placed in the front, there is no chance to take off.

The division of the break force is by 70% in the back and 30% in the front.

But because of a control valve from a formular-3 racing car there is no break force at the front wheel.

That´s why you can set the break system on an individual basis.


But there are even more finesses...


Via gas pressure springs  you are able to lift the chassis so far, you can easily reach the engine, battery, process control computer, break system and the electrical system.

The frame is handmade from stainless steel and high gloss polished. Inside you will find some electrical parts and one of the two tanks. Those are linked for a capacity of about 45 liter.


Unique is also the handling.


You use a pedal on the right side instead of a handle to accelerate. Above the pedal you will find the foodbreak and on the left side is the clutch- like you find it in a car.

The gear selector is located between tank and seat.

For a cozy seating you have seatcover from Conolly leather which have a similar feel like Alcantara.

You will find it especially in high quality vehicle manufacturing...


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